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July 26
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Sam and Max- The Geek by Emikodo Sam and Max- The Geek by Emikodo

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Sam & Max” belong to Steve Purcell.

The Geek also belongs to Steve Purcell.

Amber & Tabetha belongs to me.





They should make a new 3D animated "Sam and Max" tv series & movie.


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Darla Gugenheek, usually known as just "The Geek", is Sam and Max's personal teenage steampunk scientist and laboratory technician. She is a scientific genius and often provides the pair with new gadgets and inventions to aid them on their missions as well as moonlighting for other prominent figures like the United Nations. She lives in the Sub-Basement of Solitude.


Friends: Sam; Max; Amber; Flint Paper

Likes: Sam and Max; science

Dislikes: Her full name; Tabetha


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This is my remake of the Geek as a steampunk.

The Geek (1997):…

The Geek (my original remake of Geek):…

XUnlimited Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
She look too... normal to be Sam & Max's Geek should looks as a Tomboy, maybe similar to Jade from "Beyond Good & Evil"
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